As an engineer and businessman, his professional life is anchored in the Health Care Industry where he works with passion as a consultant and entrepreneur. We were both born in the Congo, met there when we were teenagers and later married in Brussels.We hang our clothes to dry in Europe and in the US. We are partners in life and business and sometimes I feel I help carry his photo gear one time too often.

Maud Soriano
      his Lens

Together, we travel near and far, admiring the magnificent big cats in the African plains, the elegant penguins on the ices of Antarctica, the awesome polar bears along the Arctic Circle. Together, we have planted our toes in the sands of a desert in India, and gazed at the Constellation of Orion in the Northern Lights. Leon will stand still behind his lens, patiently looking at a bee hovering over a folded leaf, at a small hummingbird landing on a colorful petal....

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When I hear the click of his camera I know that a tiny bird is staring at him, and at times, when I lie on a beach, he runs off, chasing wading birds on the edge of a breaking wave. Over the years, Leon has captured his special images of nature, his personal vision of the world. He enjoys sharing his albums with his family and friends, and some of his photographs have been featured in books and magazines.

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